Client: Gian Paolo Venier x UrbiEtOrbi
Date: April 2018
Concept, styling & photos
 by Olivier Lacrouts



The name of this tableware collection comes from the Farsi term “siman”, which means concrete. Marked by the iconic pleating – which creates an ever-changing game of shadows and depths – Siman was conceived by Gian Paolo Venier for the Greek brand UrbiEtOrbi, which is specialized in the production of concrete accessories for the home.

To highlight the historical references and the roughness of the material used for the pieces, Olivier conceived a visual narration that shows the collection under a highly evocative and poetic light. Playing with repetitive geometries, overlapping textures and a reduced selection of colours, the set of images create abstract architectural sceneries that challenge the perception of perspective and depth, while recalling De Chirico paintings.